TVS specializes in identifying Zoom based applications and designing customized solutions.


Our network includes professionals in the Telemedicine and Visual Collaboration industry


Interact in Provocative Debates, Fireside Chats, Keynotes, Panels & Workshops. Interact at the event or virtually through the event app.

Our ideas

We identify Zoom based applications and design customized solutions in the healthcare industry.


Watch a live stream, pre- & post 24/7 networking, chats,blogs, interviews, form communities, join a satellite hub,and more...

The Virtual specialist

Seeing who you are talking to and what you talking about enables faster more informed medical decision making. Doing it over distance and from any intelligent device has been the quest. Zoom is the linchpin for creating eHealth/ACO networks, customized for care team coordination, homecare patient monitoring, telemedicine, wellness programs, second opinions, image management, video capture and exchange, physician and patient interactive education among countless other healthcare applications.

Zoom is the common denominator among digital health innovators because of its Cloud based architecture, functional superiority, affordability, and high quality video which all combining to make it the perfect delivery and visual collaboration platform to build their solutions, products and services.

2014 ATA Fall Forum, Palm Desert, CADr.
Ron Pion, Skip Rodenbush and Nick Chong Demonstrate Zoom